November 2, 2019
2 months and 15 days since
our Reunion.
Welcome to the Class of 1969 Interactive Arista
The 50th Reunion Edition

Our goal is to foster meaningful connections and authentic conversations among classmates. 
We need your help to achieve our goal. 
Our plan is to actively engage YOU our classmates over the next few months.  Please help contribute content to the website,  experiment and learn how to engage classmates and identify topics that can spark authentic conversations.   We hope that eventually, everyone will contribute to this 50th Anniversary Edition. 
Here are three ways you can help:
  •  Please fill out a profile and include something about your interests, hobbies and/or passions so that you can discover other classmates who share your interests.
  • Please help create a living tribute to a classmate who is no longer with us by sharing what your remember about him or her.  Reach out to his or her friends to add their thoughts to the tribute.
  • If you have ideas for making this website more engaging or would like to volunteer in some other capacity, please send an e-mail to Leslie Rosenwasser, at

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